Building Fund

January Meeting - The officers will present various options at the meeting.  Please attend.

Option 1 – Contribute a substantial portion of the fund to the 150 Scholarship account. With these additional funds for the 150 Scholarship account, this will put us in a position to add another scholarship, named “KC Legacy Scholarship” in the amount of $1500. This would be our premier scholarship and there will be a narrative describing where the money came from.

Option 2 – Work with Fr. Leif to select and purchase a statue of our Blessed Mother Mary. We would also place a placard stating where the money came from. We proposed a maximum amount of $3,000, with the remainder going to scholarship fund. 

Feb-March Meeting - Further discuss officer's proposal

April Meeting - Motion and vote.  


The building fund was started many years ago by our council through dues and generous donations. The thinking at the time was to start a club or hall for the council.  As the realities and enormous task of starting and managing a hall became evident, the fund has been sitting idle and earning modest interest.

Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening our Parish

An order-wide initiative was announced to strengthen our parishes and families.  Effectively the initiative mandates "moving away from home associations (i.e. clubs and halls) and toward parish-based councils.  Valuable resources should no longer be used in supporting home associations.  So in simple terms, clubs/halls are not allowed by Supreme.



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History of Grand Knights

I have compiled (with Roger's help) a list of all the Grand Knights of Council #2768.  I'm still missing a few, if you can fill in the blanks, let me know.  Tim


History of Grand Knights




Grand Knight Blair Strand
Phone 507-330-3099
Webmaster Tim Muotka


Meetings First Mondays
Time 7:00pm
Location Parish Center