40 Cans for Lent

The Knights are collecting can goods during Lent as part of the Knights 40 Cans for Lent program. Through this program, council members and parishioners are encouraged to contribute one can of nonperishable food per day for the duration of Lent.

Thanks to Mike Fell for getting this started and give him a call if you can help out.

Please place items in this box in the back of the church.


40 Cans: The Supreme Council will refund $100 for every 1,000 pounds of food that a council contributes to a parish food pantry, community food bank or soup kitchen — up to a maximum of $500 per council per fraternal year.

Tootsie Roll Sign up

The Tootsie Roll drive will be April 26-28th.

We are using Sign Up Genius.  Click the link below to sign up on-line.

===> Click Here  <===

If you would prefer, come to the April meeting to sign up or give me a call at 507-461-1887.  Tim


Building Fund

Proposal 1 – Contribute a substantial portion of the fund to the 150 Scholarship account. With these additional funds for the 150 Scholarship account, this will put us in a position to add another scholarship, named “KC Legacy Scholarship” in the amount of $1500. This would be our premier scholarship and there will be a narrative describing where the money came from.

Proposal 2 – Work with Fr. Leif to select and purchase a statue of our Blessed Mother Mary. We would also place a placard stating where the money came from. We proposed a maximum amount of $3,000, with the remainder going to scholarship fund. 

March Meeting - Final discussion of officer's proposals

April Meeting - Motion and vote.  


The building fund was started many years ago by our council through dues and generous donations. The thinking at the time was to start a club or hall for the council.  As the realities and enormous task of starting and managing a hall became evident, the fund has been sitting idle and earning modest interest.

Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening our Parish

An order-wide initiative was announced to strengthen our parishes and families.  Effectively the initiative mandates "moving away from home associations (i.e. clubs and halls) and toward parish-based councils.  Valuable resources should no longer be used in supporting home associations.  So in simple terms, clubs/halls are not allowed by Supreme.



2018 Award Winners

Members obtaining 25 years of service to the order:

Trent Armstrong, Tim Fischer, Ron Koble, Keith Morgan, Peter Zimmerman

Members obtaining 50 years of service to the order:

John Schiefelbein

Members obtaining Honorary Member status:
Qualification – Age 65 and 25 consecutive years of membership (benefit ½ dues)

Joe Burke, Mark Byron, Gary Deml, Ben Hoehn, Father Greg Leif, Ray Miller

Members obtaining Honorary Life Member Status
Qualification - Age 70 and 25 years of service or 50 years of service regardless of age

Dennis Christensen, Rich Perreault


Family of the Year: Paul and Ashley Walker Family



Knight of the Year:  Dennis Pfeifer

Free Throw Winners

Joe Feldkamp 12 yr old boys. Katie Olson 10 yr old girls. Isaac Feldkamp 10 yr old boys. 

KC Calendar

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History of Grand Knights

I have compiled (with Roger's help) a list of all the Grand Knights of Council #2768.  I'm still missing a few, if you can fill in the blanks, let me know.  Tim


History of Grand Knights




Grand Knight Blair Strand
Email bts69jea@gmail.com
Phone 507-330-3099
Webmaster Tim Muotka
Email muotka@hickorytech.net


Meetings First Mondays
Time 7:00pm
Location Parish Center